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AGROS grain group is a subsidiary of Agros 98 OOD. Designed to develop an extremely large-scale project construction and commissioning of the processing plant sunflower and production of cold-pressed sunflower oil. In combination with modern grain storage facility became the company with a complete production cycle and leading positions in Bulgaria.

Versatility and modern equipment, located on the periphery of the town Suvorovo suggest strong logistics, quality production and effective control of production.

Coriander flour /Coriandrum Sativum Seed Powder/

Coriander flour is one of the indispensable spices in sausage mixes, sausages, minced meat dishes and even some vegetarians ones. It is used to prepare souses, for some sweets, for a fresh taste and aroma.


Sorghum is one of the the prospective forage in areas with warm climates and insufficient rainfall.

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