LG – Certified seeds of high-yielding varieties of wheat

Variety Apache

  • Early variety with good baking quality
  • High yield of grains
  • Very high resistance to fusariosis in ears
  • Little sensitive to mildew on leafs
  • Short stem with high resistance to lodging
  • Suitable to corn, sugar beet and warmer cereals production area
  • It is recommended to sow in sowing period for each production area
  • Middle to lower resistance to overwintering


Variety Andino

  • High-productive awned variety with early ripening and excellent stability in performance
  • Low plants with excellent tolerance to lodging highly tolerant of drought
  • ncreased tillering and very good uniformity of brothers
  • Does not crumble of the class
  • High tolerance to brown rust and powdery mildew and other economically important diseases
  • Equally wellutilizes potential for yield in North and South Bulgaria
  • Registered in Bulgaria. Andino has exceeded the standard by 23.1% in 2007/2008, by 19.6% in 2008/2009.
  • Requires sowing rate of 550 germinable seeds / square meter, the variety lodging and endures higher fertilization rate


Variety Anapurna

  • Medium early variety with high yield potential, very good stability in performance
  • Awned variety with low plants (60-80 centimeters) – does not dip
  • Foliage mass is reduced, the leaves are short, erected, with pronounced wax coating
  • The grains are medium sized and average absolute weight
  • Good winter resistance.


Variety Avenue

  • Precocity – about seven days earlier than Apache.
  • Low plants (60-70 cm), the classes are of medium length.
  • Short, narrow leaves, with a strong wax coating.
  • Very good tolerance to lodging and shelling of class, good winter resistance.
  • Very good tolerance of brown rust and yellow rust.
  • Good to very good tolerance to powdery mildew, good tolerance to Septoria disease.
  • It has excellent tillering.
  • It should be sown at the beginning of the sowing process for the area.